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Indonesia is the most populous country in Southeast Asia, with a population of 270 million. It is the fourth largest consumer market in the world based on population size, second only to India, China and the United States. There is no doubt that personal consumption in the country continues to grow, and the demand for food and beverage packaging is also increasing day by day. Rigid plastic packaging is mainly used in food and beverage, health care and consumer goods, while flexible packaging is used in food and beverage, health/beauty care and medical products.

Mordor Intelligence predicts that the Indonesian flexible packaging market is expected to reach US$5 billion by 2027, with an average annual growth rate of 4.74% from 2022 to 2027. The flexible packaging industry plays an important role in Indonesia’s journey towards a circular economy, encouraging the shift from single-layer plastic films to multi-layer, high-barrier, recyclable packaging materials. The industry is driven by Indonesia’s large consumer base, who are seeking low-cost flexible packaging products that are lightweight, convenient and aesthetically pleasing. With the adoption of smart manufacturing in packaging production, the industry has the ability to produce reusable sachets, box bags, liners, shrink wrap and other novel products.

Are you looking for the right vacuum forming supplier in Indonesia? We have compiled the top 10 vacuum forming suppliers in Indonesia list for you to pick as below:

Top 10 Plastic Vacuum Forming Factory in Indonesia

PT Frina Lestari Nusantara

Location: Kota Deltamas, Indonesia

Company Type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 2000

The Number of Employees: 50-100

Main Services: Vacuum Forming, Injection Molding, Plastic Paint line, Blow Molding

PT Frina Lestari Nusantara Company Profile

FLN offers convenience, expertise, and reliability. Their integrated capabilities enable us to walk you through the entire process from design assistance to product finishing.

Founded in 2000, PT. FLN is a leading manufacturer of plastic and polyurethane (PU) products in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

They specialize in plastic extrusion blow molding, vacuum forming, acrylic compression molding, plastic injection molding, and polyurethane (PU) injection molding. Their manufacturing process complies with IATF 16949, the most stringent standard for quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in the automotive industry.


Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Company Type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1975

The Number of Employees: 50-100

Main Services: Thermoforming, Vacuum Forming, Heat Sealing, High Frequency Sealing, Plastic Roll Slitting

Alform Company Profile

ALFORM has been a pioneer in the vacuum and thermoforming industry in Jakarta since 1975. Today, their 2500 sq meter manufacturing area houses the very latest vacuum and thermoforming technology available, such as computer-controlled vacuum forming machines with automatic load/unload and reel feed.

With over 20 years experience at your service, they are well placed to address a wide range of applications such as: PVC, PP, HIPS, OPS, PET (APET, PET.E, and PET.G).

Throughout the years ALFORM has expanded to include some of the Indonesia’s leading companies as its customers. Their customers come from various fields and sizes, from biscuit manufacturers to neighborhood bakeries, from steering wheel manufacturers to cosmetic companies.

From the first prototype to the production run, ALFORM has the know-how and facility to produce quality products, on time. ALFORM is also able to assist you in design by advising on the pros and cons of the many materials currently available.

PT. Formindo Prima Agung

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Company Type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 2001

The Number of Employees: 50-100

Main Services: Vacuum Forming, Plastic Packaging

PT. Formindo Prima Agung Company Profile

PT. Formindo Prima Agung has been working since 2001, always prioritizing consumer satisfaction by maintaining the quality of each product according to the best standards. They also consistently adhere to the specified delivery time, in order to maintain excellent service to all our customers.

They are an innovative and experienced Vacuum Forming Plastic packaging manufacturer. All of their plastic packaging products in shape, size and design are made according to your requests and needs (customize). PT. Formindo Prima Agung is your solution for a variety of quality plastic vacuum packaging products. By using high-tech machines supported by experts, the quality of all their plastic vacuum packaging production is guaranteed.


Location: East Java, Indonesia

Company Type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1985

The Number of Employees: 50-100

Main Services: Thermoforming, Blow Forming

PT. MAJOR PLASTICS Company Profile

PT. MAJOR PLASTICS, based in Lawang, East Java Province, Indonesia. Since 1985, their company has continued to provide  solutions in the field of plastics, ranging from converting printed polypropylene films to thermoforming agricultural seedling trays.

We are PT. MAJOR PLASTICS, based in the city of Lawang, East Java Province, Indonesia. We are a privately owned company driven by local​ talent since it’s humble beginnings in 1985 ​and ​we have a strong interest in the welfare of our employees.​ ​Our core capacity includes thermoforming machines by ILLIG (Germany), blown film extrusion machines by Alpine, extrusion lamination by Dainippon Kikko, pellet extrusion lines, slitting and rewinding machines, ​and high speed film converting machines. Equipped with our own workshop, we refurbish and produce a number of custom built machines for various processes.

With a strong background in creative engineering and a focus on the development of urban farming in Indonesia, we provide both hobbyists and large scale farmers with the latest technological breakthroughs in modern farming, at competitive prices.

PT Uniplastindo Interbuana

Location: West Java, Indonesia

Company Type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1993

The Number of Employees: 50-100

Main Services: Thermoforming, Printing, Blow Molding, Compression Molding

PT Uniplastindo Interbuana Company Profile

PT Uniplastindo Interbuana is the leading independent Indonesian F&B packagingmanufacturer. Founded and led by engineers from the manufacturing industry,Uniplast draws on theri core engineering expertise to deliver cost-efficient, highquality F&B packaging solutions that are customized to customer needs.

In a testament to their ability to meet the highest standards, their customers includeglobal companies such as Coca-Cola and Danone, who are known for theirexacting requirements. Among their achievements, they were the first packagingcompany in Indonesia to be ISO 22000 certified and one of the first to pioneer thein-plant packaging manufacturing industry in Indonesia. Aseptic packaging andco-packaging are part of the services that they offer.

PT Emory Langgengjaya

Location: Central Java, Indonesia

Company Type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 2012

The Number of Employees: 50-100

Main Services: Thermoforming Tray, Packaging

PT Emory Langgengjaya Company Profile

PT Emory Langgengjaya is a manufacturer of plastic trays and packaging. Established since 2012, the company produces customizable high quality trays using our German thermoforming machines and specializes in PET, PP and HIPS plastic materials.

After customer consultation, their design team is able to provide accurate and customizable trays with a variety of shapes, dimensions and colours. Located in Ungaran, Central Java – Indonesia, PT Emory Langgengjaya mainly produces plastic trays widely used in food industries such as snacks, biscuits, eggs, beverages, lunch trays and many more.

They are ISO and Food Grade certified and strive for customer service excellence through constant punctual delivery of high quality plastic products to our customers.

Dae Hwa Indonesia. PT

Location: West Java, Indonesia

Company Type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 2001

The Number of Employees: 50-100

Main Services: Vacuum Forming, Die Cutting Press, CNC & Printing

Dae Hwa Indonesia. PT Company Profile

Dae Hwa Indonesia. PT offer high productivity machine that can handle large quantity order, size and material. We handle PP, PS, PET, PVC to foam material PE & PU Foam. We

make tray pack, blister, clamp shell, dump plate and many more. From Electrical, automotive, household, toys, cosmetic, gadget and accessories to food packaging.


Location: Sidoarjo, Indonesia

Company Type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 2006

The Number of Employees: 50-100

Main Services: Thermoforming, Packaging

SIP Company Profile

SIP was founded in 2006 in Indonesia and provides exceptional quality, recycled PET food packaging for the F&B industry. We want to make a positive impact and contribute to protecting the environment by offering food packaging containing up to 100% recycled PET, without compromising on quality and appearance. They are working hard to accelerate the recycling of our products. Because every cup, every lid – makes a difference.

They want to set the example that packaging can and should be made sustainably, to prevent plastic waste from entering our environment. By raising awareness, and encouraging individuals and companies to recycle.

Leading brands use SIP’s sustainable, innovative food packaging to stand out and truly make a difference.

Hip Lik Packaging

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Company Type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1969

The Number of Employees: 100-200

Main Services: Thermoforming, Printing, Package Design

Hip Lik Packaging Company Profile

Hip Lik Packaging is a leading clear plastic box producer in the world. They manufacture clear plastic box exclusively and provide professional clear packaging solutions to the world’s customers for more than 40 years.

Apart from clear plastic box, they provide thermoformed products and clear plastic tubes to customers. They also employ the most advanced printing and decorating technologies.

They pride ourselves on the highest level of quality, personalized customer service, quick turnaround times, flawless execution, and very competitive pricing.

PT. Mabuchi Indonesia

Location: Karawang, Indonesia

Company Type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1996

The Number of Employees: 100-200

Main Services: Thermoforming, Vacuum Forming, Injection Molding

PT. Mabuchi Indonesia Company Profile

Established on 20 March 1996, PT. Mabuchi Indonesia is a packaging solutions company.

PT. Mabuchi Indonesia provides total packaging solutions to our customers with our innovative and cost effective packaging service ideas using materials in meeting their packaging needs. They are the specialist in packaging solutions of manufacturer and supplier of packing services and packaging materials in Indonesia bringing sophisticated packaging knowledge, technique, skill and experience such as CKD packing, industrial packing and machinery packing of supplier. Their knowledgeable and dedicated solutions team works professionally by providing sound advice in packaging solution ideas to meet each client’s requirements.

If you’re looking for more thermoforming manufacturers, Also you can choose a Chinese Thermoforming supplier: ZetarVac


Location: Shanghai, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2005
The number of employees: 201-300
Main product: Thermoforming, Vacuum Forming, Pressure Forming, Heavy Gauge Thermoforming, Thin Gauge Thermoforming, Twin Sheet Forming

ZetarVAC Company Profile

When you choose Zetar, you’re not just selecting a thermoforming manufacturer – you’re investing in a partner that prioritizes quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. We provide you with the peace of mind that your projects are in capable hands, avoiding common pain points like product quality issues and production delivery delays.
Great Support-The staff you interface with are experienced and certified in their English language skills. We have more than 20 English speakers and 7 experienced engineers, which could make sure fluent communication and offer feasible design solutions.

Strong Production Capacity-Now total we have mold making machines in house with high precise machines and well train mold workers. 5 sets of 5 axis CNC trimming machines, 4 sets of sheet material extrusion equipment, 26 sets of vacuum forming machines.

Quality Guarantee-We definitely also have many certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 13485. We ensure that every product that comes out of our factory meets the highest standards of quality and durability.


Finding a trustworthy manufacturer nowadays is not that easy, especially that there are a lot of new manufacturers that have emerged just to keep up with the trend. But hopefully, our list was able to help you find the vacuum forming manufacturer that best suits your require.

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