Some KEY MOMENTS In Zetar's Growth

ZetarVac has achieved several key milestones in its growth since its establishment in 2005. These milestones demonstrate our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Here are the key moments in our growth:

ZetarVac Mold Factory Established

In 2005, When Zetar was first established, we mainly customized aluminum alloy molds for local thermoforming factories and injection molds for injection molding factories.

ISO9001 Certification

ZetarVac's commitment to quality management was demonstrated in 2009 when we received ISO9001 certification. This certification was a significant achievement for us, as it helped us to enhance our reputation as a company that produces high-quality injection molds and aluminum alloy molds. We are proud to have achieved this milestone, and it has motivated us to continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of our business.

Thermoforming Factory Established

In 2010, we took a significant step in expanding our operations by establishing a Thermoforming factory at ZetarVac. This strategic move enabled us to broaden our product range, offer more options to our customers, and enhance our competitiveness in the market. With the addition of thermoforming processes, we were able to provide innovative solutions that met the specific needs of our clients. This expansion marked a turning point in our growth, and we have since continued to explore new avenues to drive innovation and excellence in all aspects of our business.

Established Oversea Bussiness Department

Establishing the foreign trade department in 2013 was a major turning point for ZetarVac. This step allowed us to expand our business to new international markets, and it played a key role in our growth as a global player. We take great pride in our ability to serve customers from all around the world, and this achievement has reinforced our position as a leading company in the industry.

TS16949 Certification

Obtaining the TS16949 certification in 2017 was a significant achievement for ZetarVac, as it demonstrated our dedication to meeting the stringent quality standards required by the automotive industry. This certification is a testament to our commitment to producing top-quality products and meeting the unique needs of our customers in this industry. We take pride in our ability to consistently deliver high-quality products and services, and this certification is a reflection of that dedication.

ISO14001 Certification

As of 2019, ZetarVac has obtained the ISO14001 certification, a standard for environmental management. This certification is a clear testament to our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainability. We take pride in being a socially responsible organization that cares about the planet and strives to make a positive impact on the environment. By adhering to the ISO4001 standard, we are not only meeting regulatory requirements but also going above and beyond to implement effective environmental management practices across all aspects of our business. We firmly believe that sustainable practices are key to achieving long-term success and growth, and we will continue to prioritize environmental responsibility in all our operations.

ISO45001 Certification

In 2020, ZetarVac achieved the ISO45001 certification, which is a testament to our unwavering commitment to ensuring the health and safety of our employees. This certification validates our efforts in creating a safe and healthy workplace environment for everyone in the company. We take pride in the recognition that this certification brings and will continue to uphold the high standards set forth by ISO45001 in ensuring the well-being of our employees.

ISO13485 Certification

As of 2022, ZetarVac has achieved ISO13485 certification, which is a globally recognized quality management standard for medical devices. This certification reflects our commitment to meeting the highest standards of quality and safety in the production of medical devices. Obtaining this certification has further strengthened our ability to serve the medical device industry with the highest level of excellence and expertise. We are proud to have achieved this certification and will continue to strive for excellence in our products and services.

Throughout its journey, ZetarVac has accomplished several noteworthy achievements that have significantly impacted the company's growth. From quality management and product diversification to expanding its business overseas and meeting industry-specific standards, these milestones showcase the company's dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Overall, these key moments highlight ZetarVac's continuous efforts to improve its products and services and meet the ever-changing needs of its customers.

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Thermoforming is a manufacturing process that involves heating a plastic sheet and forming it into a specific shape using a mold. The benefits of thermoforming include its cost-effectiveness, design flexibility, and the ability to create complex shapes.

What is the difference between vacuum forming and pressure forming? Vacuum forming involves using a vacuum to create a negative pressure that draws the plastic sheet onto the mold. Pressure forming, on the other hand, uses compressed air to force the plastic sheet onto the mold. Pressure forming can produce more intricate shapes and sharper details than vacuum forming.

Thermoforming can be used to create a wide range of products, including packaging, automotive parts, medical equipment, and consumer goods such as toys and electronics.

Thermoforming can be done using a variety of materials, including ABS, polycarbonate, PVC, and PETG. The choice of material will depend on the specific application and requirements of the product.

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